Open Your Wings to the World

This committee is recommended for upper intermadiate and advanced delegates.

Special committees are designed to respond to spesific, crucial and globally relevant issues. Global Seas committee is founded to discuss international matters circling around big watter mass’ and seeks to find solutions.

In this conference delegates will be discussing on the researches of United States Geological Survey about East Meditteranean Seas and its potential of 1,7 billion barrels of oil with 122 trillion cubic feet gas. This topic mostly revolves around Cyprus, Greece, Lebanon, Syria, Israel, Palestine, Turkey, Egypt, Libya and Jordan. It can be examined in 3 different subtitles which are Cyprus Issue, International Law and Energy Safety.

The right violating acts of Israel, Greece and Western Cyprus towards to Northern Cyprus is causing one of the most important safety problems in that region. Additionally, the military contract between Western Cyprus and France may cause new ways of creating insecurity. Delegates should consider their geographical and political positions while focusing on the matters.

Delegates are expected to be ready for crisis.

Agenda Item:

East Mediterranean Seas

USG: Zülhec Asilkan

Academic Assistant: Şeyma Arslan