Open Your Wings to the World

Fifteen minutes. Fifteen minutes out of one thousand four hundred and forty. Fifteen minutes is all the “No” campaign had to work with each day.

In a country ruled by a military dictatorship for sixteen years, the National Plebiscite of 1988 was the first tentative blooming of democracy. For the first time since the ousting of the Socialist Salvador Allende government in 1973, the autocratic Pinochet regime had allowed organized dissent and even massive marches for democracy that united the South and the North of the 4000-kilometer-long country.

The government had practically all of the Chilean media, the armed forces, and the police behind it. The “Yes” campaign – advocating for 8 more years with Augusto Pinochet as the South American country’s President – received any and all state support imaginable, with the supposed economic development of the 1970’s and the 80’s backing it, as it stood in stark contrast against the chaos of pre-1973 Chile. The “No” campaign merely had 15 minutes of time each day on the state-sponsored television channels.

Everything indicated a victory for Pinochet. Everything indicated eight more years of stable, if authoritarian leadership. Everything except the will of the Chilean people. And as the timid flames of resistance and democratic aspirations once again took root in Santiago and Valparaiso… Suddenly the future seemed a lot less certain than what the past had told the huddled masses of this pearl of the Southern Hemisphere…

Fifteen minutes. Fifteen minutes is all you have. Make it count.

The clock is ticking…

This committee is suitable for delegates who wish to have a historically-oriented experience within the MUN rules of procedure, with an electoral battle being fought over the South American nation of Chile between supporters of President Augusto Pinochet and the opposition aiming to institute a democratic government.

USG: Süleyman Doruk DÖRÜCÜ

Academic Assistant: Şeyma Arslan