Welcome to BSBLMUN'19

Open Your Wings to the World

Welcome Letter From Our Secretary-General

Honourable participants
As the secretary general of this wonderful conference, it is my pleasure to welcome you all to our third annual session of BSBLMUN (Beylikdüzü Sosyal Bilimler Lisesi Model United Nations). When we first made the decision to carry on the spirit of the ones before us, it lit an everlasting spark of courage and dedication inside every single member of our teams.I sincerely wish to congratulate our secreteriat and especially our Director General Feyza Çakır as without her this organization would lose an arm and a leg. She spent sleepless nights trying to put together everything and although she is the youngest in the team, she worked the hardest and she is really the mother of our conference. We have worked day and night to create a productive yet quite enjoyable environment for our esteemed participants to find solutions that may change the world as we know it.
Our academics team includes the most qualified people to be the guide for you to change the world. Our committees are planned to solve the problems we are facing even now. But if you want a little challenge and also to win an election you can always come to our JCC(Joint Crisis Committee) which is supervised by our most experienced USG to face a little challenge. We hope for you distinguished participants to give this conference love as much as we did.
And we hope for the third session of our BSBLMUN will be an unforgettable experience you cherish in your memories.

Finally, I do believe MUN grants you a family and I hope you will find new members for your family in this conference.

Yours sincerely,

Gün Karabıdak